Regarding why we support MAM: we are always very impressed by what we see when we visit their clinics in Myanmar – especially by their professionalism, pragmatism and personal commitment. Also when we visit the patients in their homes, it is clear that they are focusing on helping those most in need- people who are really destitute – and that their interventions really are saving many lives for relatively small amounts of money. We were also impressed by the high regard for MAM we heard from many other NGOs in Myanmar. 

dak Foundation

What makes MAM so special is its depth of knowledge on HIV & Malaria and its pragmatic way of effective treatment regimes. It has the positive attributes of a large INGO without the bureaucracy and self righteousness. 


“The Elton John AIDS Foundation has been proud to support Medical Action Myanmar and their efforts to prevent and treat CMV Retinitis. MAM’s work shows just how much of a difference a simple intervention can make to a person’s health and wellbeing and their work has given a lifeline to many people living with HIV over the years”.

Fondation Rolf Schnyder

MAM’s founder Dr Frank, his wife Dr Ni Ni Tun have a long track record and a great team they have been able to attract and retain, I find it very fulfilling to work with MAM because everything they do spells of practicality – their goal of reaching the needy in the most effective way is always clear. From the design of the double-roof which maximise comfort with minimal cost (Air flow to reduce tropical heat. A layer of thatch to reduce the noise of rains, and a layer of metal underneath to prevent leaks), to adding space and air wells for natural light (which means natural UV treatment against TB bacteria in the sputum); and separate entrance for sex-workers. 

Despite low budgets and free consultations, test results are provided on the same day in order that the poor patients do not have to travel the long distances and incur the costs of a return journey. MAM performs lab tests to investigate blood, stool, urine, spinal fluid, lymph node aspiration, skin smears etc. These are essential to obtain good diagnoses (including for HIV, tuberculosis, malaria, syphilis (mother and child), anaemia, meningitis, penicilliosis, and cryptococcosis  and so on.  

MAM even provides food for needy patients so they do not have to sell their medicine. They provide simple food for relatives who come to the clinic to care for the severely ill patients on treatment days because such carers provide additionally the emotional link with the patients, which makes a big difference to the patients while reducing the cost for extra nurses. 

For needy TB patients, there are food packages provided by the World Food Programme consisting of fortified rice, cooking oil and other essentials

MAM also has a track record of very systematic data collection – these are very important in the fight against the spread of infectious diseases –  providing data for research into drug resistance in Malaria treatment and long term AIDS control. 

MAM has indeed developed the most practical and effective approach to the management of healthcare for the localities of its operation.

Chai Schnyder

Green Shoots Foundation

Green Shoots Foundation is a UK registered Charity with a mission is to foster Sustainable Development by promoting holistic programmes that combine Economic Development with Food & Agriculture, Education or Medical Aid. They have been working with Medical Action Myanmar (MAM) since 2013, organising and funding missions for healthcare volunteers such as doctors, nurses and pharmacists in the fields of HIV and Sexual Health Medicine. Green Shoots also provides Continuing Medical Education opportunities for MAM doctors via organising fellowships and perceptroships for them in the UK and attending symposiums. 

Being Green Shoots Foundation’s main local partner in Myanmar, since 2015 MAM have been assisting us with local proceedings to organise large scale healthcare workshops for medical education in HIV and TB.

Mercury Phoenix Trust

“I first met with Dr. Frank Smithuis and Dr. Nini Tun, the two founders of Medical Action Myanmar in October 2006 and found their work and objectives totally inspiring.  The aim of their initial proposed project was to provide HIV health education to the 30,000 adolescents and young adults living in 500 of the most remote communities in Kachin and Karen State.  Their dedication and commitment to building a health service fit for purpose in Myanmar and their pioneering work providing medical services in remote regions through the training of village health workers is an exciting concept and the Mercury Phoenix Trust was delighted to help by providing funding.  

We are only too aware of how tirelessly all of our charity partners work towards easing the misery of pain and suffering that HIV and AIDS can cause and this is why the MPT is proud to have supported and continues to work with MAM and the wonderful people involved in its journey towards achieving these goals.”

Claudia Walker

Head of Mercury Phoenix Trust.

The SANNI Foundation

The SANNI Foundation have supported MAM for many years and we are proud to have helped establish the Lotus Clinic and the Child Support service. We partnered with MAM because of their tireless dedication and professionalism in often extremely difficult situations and we understand how important their work is to provide impoverished people with health care as well as social support for vulnerable children. MAM’s holistic approach to health care is unique and reflects our values at the SANNI Foundation. Each year we visit MAM and we are repeatedly inspired and motivated to continue working with MAM in their mission.  

The Kadoorie Charitable Foundation

The Myanmar and Britain Association